Monday, January 14, 2013

Table Cloths

If this was to be my wedding... I will not survive such things...
The first time my parents and my in-laws met was at the Chinese Restaurant we chose for the Banquet. I honestly wanted a Western wedding because I felt the food would be more fitted for me. I was talking to one of my clients today and he told me that the wedding was to fit the guests and the elders more than the bride. How can I complain. I will get into detail more later in the blogs. 

The first problem I had was my dad wanted a wedding where all the table cloths were bright red. He is completely traditional. Furthermore, if I couldn't do red, it would have to be pink. Can you honestly imagine a room full of red or pink? Eventually after a week, my parents said it was fine for me to choose the "beige" I wanted. I feel that this incident will be the first of many. 

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