Friday, January 18, 2013

My Wedding Dress Journey

Image received from Bridal Guide

I had friends tell me that wedding dress takes a lot of time. I had friends that told me that they had to go through many stores and had headaches along the way. I had friends that found something on a sample sale in that one day.

Every women does it differently.
But for me, once I got engaged, I knew I had to prepare myself.
I knew exactly what I wanted
Sweet heart top with almost an A-line meshed with a mermaid ending.

I went wedding dress shopping by myself that first week in New Westminster, Vancouver. I just wanted to see it for myself and try it on for myself. I completely fell in love with the first one that I put on. It just felt completely right, but it wasn't fully. It just didn't define me well enough. Then I tried on the next, then several more. In the end I tried on about nine dresses and I liked them all. I put aside four dresses for a re-visit. It was pretty nice experience for myself. I think the only problem was, was that they were all so beautiful and I felt so confused into choosing the one I wanted.

A couple of weeks later, I went with my MOH and bridesmaid. We made an appointment to try at this store in Hastings, Vancouver. I had to say, I was not impressed at all. We browsed through another store and nada, nothing! Funny thing was, I went to check out this store that was "just for fun" on Renfrew, Vancouver and I fell in love with a dress. I tried on many that day too. But for some reason, this one dress that was way over big on me felt like "the one".

What I learned through this experience:
1. Make sure it's within your budget (which mine really was and was on sale!)
2. Do your research online
3. Try on several dresses
4. Keep an open mind
5. Focus on the style, not the size
6. Plan early!
7. Does it make you giddy? (because it did for me! I'm not the crying type!)
8. The material and color may make your decision as well! Is it off white? ivory? pearl?

I will show my dress in August. It will be a surprise=)
But I have to say, it's similar to a "Trumpet" shape.

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