Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bridesmaid Dresses

Photo I found on a Pinterest. I really like these dresses.

Having your best friends/family members by your side on your special day is important.
My wish is to make sure they are dressed well for such an occasion.

The biggest challenge is choosing a dress that fits several women.

Then you think about the other things:
1. Does it compliment your dress?
2. Will it do justice in your photos?
3. Is it affordable?

I thought of bridesmaid dresses long before my wedding dress. For some reason, I always thought I had it all planned out.

{PLAN A}At first I thought of henkaa where my fiance's cousin's friend owned such a creative shop. Wouldn't it be awesome for all the girls to design their own dresses and chisel it to their own likings?

{PLAN B} Then i thought of cute and simple dresses from forever 21 or h&m because it can naturally be "pulled off" in a summer wedding. There's always a good load of dresses to look through.

{PLAN C} I hope I don't have to resort to this, but CUSTOM-MADE could be one of the options. My mom has made my prom dresses for my older sister and I. She has even made me countless of clothing items. She even recently made bridesmaid dresses for a friend of mine. However, I hate to put this load on her. I would hate to put this stress on her.

Help me out!!!


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