Sunday, January 20, 2013


There's a difference between Bridal Fever and Wedding Fever.
Bridal Fever: Wanting to be a Bride.
My term: I want to just marry my man.
The wedding never occurred to me. I just wanted to be married to my man.
(I didn't experience wedding fever just yet! Thank goodness!)

I must admit. At one point I really had bridal fever.

I think it all started when my friend got married.
Then it was the talk of the "years" involved.
Now dates are very important to the Chinese. One of the biggest worry was getting married in the year 2014. I really didn't like the number and it didn't give me a piece of mind. The year 2013 isn't that awesome either because they call it the "Widow Year".

I think as a child, the only thing I only planned about weddings was that I would get married by age 26 and that was it. But as years passed, not everything may have followed as scheduled. I have to say, the bridal fever stopped when I read a random blog, "Wouldn't you rather him surprise you? You wouldn't want to ruin that moment." That's true. My Bridal Fever stopped a month before he proposed. I remember going to a wedding and just enjoying our youth.

Bridal Fever Symptoms:
- Looking at Engagement rings
- Talking about weddings all the live-long-day
- Hinting the boyfriend too often
- You watch, eat, sleep and dream about it.

The Cure:
- Admit to it
- Talk to him about it and where the relationship is going.
- Calm yourself down or it may not even happen at all.
(What I mean by that is he may be scared away even more. Furthermore, it's a big turn-off.)

Stay strong. The right moment will come. For me, I left it to fate.

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