Sunday, January 13, 2013

May I have your daughter's hand in marriage?

Now let's skip back a few steps. 

First thing was for my (truly glad to call him) fiance to ask my parents for permission to have my hand in marriage. It's a good gesture to show the father-in-law what a gentleman you are. I know it's more of an old tradition but it shows courtesy and respect to the family you are about to be united with. Having this blessing from the parents is the first step in building a positive relationship with the in-laws. My fiance have met with my parents in many different occasions and maintained a good connection.

So when it came to asking for permission, in Western cultures:
- Your man should meet with your father in person
- Have a good private conversation
- Express your feelings for her daughter
- Sincerely ask for his blessing

Our experience was more of an Asian culture that just ended up happening in a good note.
 My mom was more of "the boss" in the family. My dad was easy going. Knowing how my parents were, I don't think they could keep a secret. Furthermore, I bet my mom would lose sleep over it. I must admit, the fiance was pretty smart about it. He called my parents an hour before he popped the question. The main events in that phone call was:
Him: "I would like to marry your daughter, can I have your blessing?"
Mom: "About Time."
As traditional as I am about this subject, I was kinda happy about it. I got to be surprised and my parents got a phone call hours later when I got engaged.

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