Monday, March 18, 2013

Bridesmaid dresses Update

Shopping for my bridal dress was easy.
Choosing my bridesmaids dresses wasn't. 

This is part of the wedding planning that I feared the most. I have heard that this subject may either make or break a friendship. Surely bridesmaids don't want to overtake the wedding, but they don't want to look old-stylcliché. I plan to pay for my bridesmaid dresses, so I really want to make sure my values were considered too.

The criteria that hit me this time was:
- The material:  Light and chiffon, I never really fancied the traditional satin material dress. 
- The color: blush, light pink-beige/peach
- Matching the wedding theme: Blush/Pastel/ rosy-pink-beige
- Matching my Bouquet: Blush roses, carnations, peonies
- How it would compliment your dress.

All in all.I think at this point, I knew what I wanted. It was more of a "Love at first sight" kinda dress.

It has some crochet lace in the front. It's a light peach-nude-blush color. It's up to the knees. I don't want to post up a photo just yet. So just hang on tight=)


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Choosing your Photographer

Okay, I can't help but post because I am so excited!

Choosing a wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions in wedding planning. These people will pretty much be up, close and personal with you from the beginning of engagement to the end of the wedding night.

You have to love their work. Every photographer has their own distinguished characteristics. I have studied and browsed through a lot of wedding photographers and their portfollio.  I remember reviewing several options based on their methods and techniques. No matter how and what they were regarded for, I felt like there had to be a spark of some sort. There has to be chemistry.

Beyond the love of their work, the next thing on the list is meeting them. I felt like we had to be compatible. Getting along with them is very important because you wouldn't want to capture any incompetence in these photos. Get to know them and their work ethics. When will the photos be ready? Are they fully responsive and able to communicate when needed? I know there's a limited time for these occasions, but it sums up how your photos will turn out before and after the wedding. This relationship will be an important one, so it's best you hire someone you trust.

For the budget-safety brides, compare quotes for the pricing and value. Make sure you look over the contract to fully understand the value you are receiving. Consider  the facts, Do they offer engagement photoshoots, edited prints, albums, and online options? Make sure you do the research. Google is your second hand here.

Prepare to make another commitment (with the first being your fiance) and put down a deposit if you are real serious for the deal. That goes to the fact that I would like to share my experience...

I am happy to announce that David Tam Photography is our photographer for our wedding journey. A true and honest man. He is truly amazing. He meets all the requirements and criteria as a Wedding Photographer in our perspectives. 

We have the utmost confidence in him in truly making these memories count. 

Did you want to see the First batch of engagement photos at Grouse Mountain?