Monday, March 18, 2013

Bridesmaid dresses Update

Shopping for my bridal dress was easy.
Choosing my bridesmaids dresses wasn't. 

This is part of the wedding planning that I feared the most. I have heard that this subject may either make or break a friendship. Surely bridesmaids don't want to overtake the wedding, but they don't want to look old-stylcliché. I plan to pay for my bridesmaid dresses, so I really want to make sure my values were considered too.

The criteria that hit me this time was:
- The material:  Light and chiffon, I never really fancied the traditional satin material dress. 
- The color: blush, light pink-beige/peach
- Matching the wedding theme: Blush/Pastel/ rosy-pink-beige
- Matching my Bouquet: Blush roses, carnations, peonies
- How it would compliment your dress.

All in all.I think at this point, I knew what I wanted. It was more of a "Love at first sight" kinda dress.

It has some crochet lace in the front. It's a light peach-nude-blush color. It's up to the knees. I don't want to post up a photo just yet. So just hang on tight=)



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