Thursday, January 17, 2013

DIY: Save the Dates

I've made this "Save the Date" not too long ago.

These classroom photos weren't my engagement ones. Instead, it was taken as a pre-engagement shoot by my talented sister. Honestly, I'm nervous to have my official engagement photos taken. We will see when that happens. I am still deciding on several things... mainly, the location.

The reason why I chose a classroom shot was because my fiance and I met in high school. We had English class together and that was when we started dating. Yes, highschool sweet hearts. We dated for over 9 years now. It will be ten years this August when we wed. Quite exciting indeed.

I know in Chinese traditions, we just called each other and that would be "good enough" for saving the date. Since the parents will be choosing Chinese red invitations, I decided to make a "run for it" for the Save the Dates. I wanted to create my own. Something that portrayed my fiance and I. After playing around on paint and GIMPshop, I managed to produce something I really liked. Clean and simple. I should send them out soon. Especially when everyone is booking their vacations early this year.

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