Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chinese Wedding Invitations

So... I really wanted my whimsical "Did it myself" invitation. Unfortunately, the parents set the record straight and I will be using these Chinese invitations. I really wanted to do it myself, but I will keep you posted if I do end up getting to use the ones that I made.

After a week full of defeat, my parents have nagged me enough to visit various Chinese Wedding Invitations. I have finally settled on full traditional Chinese wedding invitations. Gold and red. Can you guess which one I end up choosing?
"Double Happiness with attitude"

"Double Happiness in signature"

"Double Happiness formal as can be"
I honestly think these three invitations really define me. The Chinese "double happiness" are clearly smacked up front. Well, I have chosen #3. The one in melted in gold. It matched my "theme" =)

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