Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Say "Yes" to the Dress

I am watching "Say Yes to the Dress" right now. The Atlanta one.
I've been watching these episodes almost every night now and I find it sinfully entertaining.

A lot of brides feel pressured on how they look on their wedding day
They see the magazines. They see this tall thin figure. They wanna look like that and we are not all built like that.
So how do we get around that?
It's about finding the right garment that makes her feel like a million bucks.
So we really need to convince her she doesn't have to be a supermodel to be beautiful on her wedding day.
So your job is to make every girl see herself as a bride
That's a beautiful thing.

Possible wedding-dress induced anxiety attacks:
- Having too much audience: your friends+bridal party+grandma+mother+in-law+fiance?
- Hoping that you will feel that "ONE MOMENT" and being particular about it. This bride is asking to have that same butterfly-in the-stomach moment when the fiance proposed. She kept saying "no".
- Remember it's your day not your mother's. (Although I'm a super-mommy's girl who would love to please all parties)
- If you've tried more than 50 dresses, come on, what is going on?
- Best to trust your instincts, don't second guess yourself
- If you like lace, don't bring a friend that hates lace and calls it a table cloth.

Once you do feel that moment though, 
- Your heart starts racing
- You feel beautiful
- You see yourself celebrating your wedding in that dress

Dear bride-to-bes, Be confident, make a decision. Trying on more dresses should not be a stressful experience.

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  1. First, thank you for blogging about wedding planning and sharing with us all that goes with it. I'm in the middle of planning my own and find that I feel like pulling my hair out most times.

    Regarding dress shopping, I personally feel it is wiser to bring a more intimate entourage than a whole clan. Only my MOH and flower girl went with me - I felt it was easier that way with less opinions to cloud my own.

    Congrats on love, life and all the good stuff and I hope you keep posting!