Monday, June 17, 2013

Mom and Dad moments

I just realized I've been so busy wedding planning that I haven't even gotten a chance to update this page! Now there's only a month and a half left (I think!) and there's still lots to do!

I've done a lot of things on the side so far and everything is really coming together! Just when I thought I have most things done, I realize I have a bunch left.

Just yesterday I went shopping with my dad for a new suit. At first he had one that he wanted to wear and it was snuggled in his closet; however, with the groom-to-be not wanting these colors to clash, we decided to change my dad's outfit. Honestly, I was surprised I did pretty well with my dad's suit. Because I remember the first time we went for suit shopping, he literally had no smiles at all. But today, it was awesome! My little sister came with me so we both did some good. Haha. Note to self, ALWAYS have a second opinion! We went to mc.donald's to celebrate for Father's Day too!

Dad, I love you so, but please take some time off. He works everyday and I had to squeeze in this appointment between his 2pm-4pm break at work. Wish he'd work a little less =(

Today, after work, I went with my mom and my sister too of course--- to check out different hairstyles for my mom. She has been worried about it for quite a while. I just have to say, a quarter less of a tank of gas was worth it! My mind is at ease. To further my complications and Asian rants, my mom didn't want to put on make up the day of the wedding. She does wear makeup at some occasions, but that comment really freaked me out. Am I becoming a bridezilla? I just want her to look good on my wedding day.

(She does look good, but I want her to be well-catered that day as well!)

Now, I'm working on the schedule yet again.
This time, it's for the LIMO. Wish me luck!
Stay tuned, hope I can do this=)

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